Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Lois (aka Dodi) offered up this challenge in her blog.
  • My friend sent me an email that we were supposed to fill in with our answer and then pass it on. Well, most of my friends (all what? 4 friends that I have?) usually hate to get these kinds of emails - and I do too. So, I thought I'd blog it. If you want to also blog it - the more the merrier.What is it that you predict?

Thanks Dodi, sounds like fun. I predict

  1. If rain is forecasted, it will start right as the school bell rings.
  2. If we've had great weather the week before Halloween, we'll have bitter cold and snow when trick or treating night finally arrives
  3. Before the school year ends, I"ll have found something that has me all in an uproar with the Things education. I'm just so convinced that this peaceful state we are in just won't last.
  4. Low rise jeans will make a comeback right as my boys start to notice the opposite sex.
  5. The Things will start to drop F-bombs and I"ll have no one to blame except myself.
  6. I will not be pleased with who wins Design Star this year. My boy, Sparkle Josh, was eliminated so who cares beyond that.
  7. Politicians will continue to sling mud at each other throughout the next year and a half and yet, nothing will change much even after leadership changes.
  8. The antics of Brittaney, Paris and LiLo will continue to be the first run stories even thought we are all finished hearing about their lives spinning out of control.
  9. Disco will remain dead
  10. I will totally miss seeing my Big Love sister wives every other week. Can we please all get addicted to another night time soap opera so that we can continue to get together on a regular basis?


tz said...

oh i agree, what shall we get hooked on next?

Kaesmom said...

I'm so glad you predict disco will remain dead.

What a load off my mind. :)