Friday, August 31, 2007

Do you think they'll notice?

One thing about scrapbooking the lives of a family with just boys is that there are very few occasions where I get to use pink in my layouts. Pastels in general just don't see much action now that they are beyond the baby years. But every so often I try to sneakin color combos that are indeed a bit more feminine. I'm wondering if they'll even notice on this one? I hope not since I really like it.
It shows what a big kid I am when I get around amusement parks. I mean come on, do you really think the boys are the ones begging to go to these places? Of course it is Mom plotting when we can work in another amusement park adventure on our various trips. Which reminds me, I should start plotting, er planning our trip to FL in January ( it time to see Mickey again or maybe try the see what's new at Universal Studios?).


tz said...

love opportunities where i get to use pink myself!

Kaesmom said...

Plot a trip to Hershey and I'll meet you there! We have season passes.

Oh, and as far as trying to fit amusement parks in on trips - that ends when you get a season pass to an amusement park. They get old. Quick.