Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • Some people get a neighbor like Matthew McConaughey playing bongos in his birthday suit. I sadly get ugly Aussie man sitting outside all morning long reading his paper in nothing but his underwear. Eeeewwww...where is the justice in that? (no, you pervs, I'm not taking a picture. Trust me, he's ugly and whether it is boxers or two sizes too small bike shorts, he shouldn't be a distraction from my lovely garden that my dad helped me get into its current glorious state).

  • How come my kids finally get into the groove this late in the school year? Somebody has taken my usually cranky kids, and swapped them with a pair of brotherly loving fellas who gasp...are currently upstairs playing school. Homer just finished a report and the principal (Thing Two) is reading it for him. I guess because Homer is a stuffed doll (um, I mean soft toy, my boys don't play with dolls). Anyways, they both helped each other with their homework and asked to go to the library as their reward for being so cooperative. Call the Alien Hot line as these Things surely aren't MINE?

  • I've had the past 2 days as pretty much wide open, free of obligation days. But where did the time go?Well, I'm caught up on laundry (Go ahead, call me a naughty name, I can handle it), I've filed months of backlogged invoices and even finished up the online continuing ed. class I need for my part time gig at the school. The floors are either swept/vacuumed/mopped or some combination of the above. 3 of the 4 bathrooms got a good scrubbing. The lawn got mowed and the bank deposits made. I finished one library book (I, Mona Lisa: worth reading if you enjoy historical fiction. Imagine the possibilities of who Mona Lisa really was?) and am well on my way to enjoying another book (Queen of the Big Time, it has been on my bedside table for months).

Oh forget about aliens taking over my children, I think I've been swapped out for a real Martha! Call the authorities if I start making pies from scratch, OK?


tz said...

oh i have loads of filing that needs to be done should you get bored....
i actually mopped my floor yesterday and feeling so proud of myself, then i go and read your blog...sheesh.

agent713 said...

I had the unfortunate experience of actually seeing my "neighbour" who lives two floors above me. He was out on his patio. I am SO glad that he is above me and not across from me. Not. a. pretty. sight. :blink: I sympathize though.