Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maybe I"m not so difficult to please after all..

I just got back from a meeting at the school. And for a change, I was the happy one. Maybe I'm still riding high on the truth that my oldest is certified proficient in his reading. Who knows: but come on ladies, lighten up! Our school is good, the teachers are excellent, the administration responds appropriately to legitimate concerns. Change takes time. Scores can be lower: and guess what, sometimes it is just that, a low score. Free/reduced lunch doesn't tell the whole story.

The way I see it, the teacher can do an awesome job of teaching. She can use every strategy in the world to inspire/motivate/ and encourage that child to learn. But if there isn't support at home, or at least respect for what goes on at school, then we really aren't going to see Johnny reach his fullest potential. It takes a team approach, and trust me, I've hung out with educators enough to realize, they aren't always the one dropping the ball. Now, why couldn't I tell that to the busy body women at the meeting?

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Colleen Dobson said...

Well, that's why those 2 particular busy bodies want to move out of our low class neighborhood and go hob nob with the rich folks they might allow in their club.

Is the one on the right as unhappy in general as the one on the left? We should all go out and buy new cars so we don't embarrass them so much!