Monday, May 28, 2007

Great Sand Dunes

We're home from our weekend adventure. Had a grand time. The dunes are something everyone in Colorado should take time to check out. Stuck in the middle of nowhere are the highest sand dunes in North America. And yes, they are nothing but huge piles of sand. And yes, we ended up with sand in places where it doesn't belong (Aimee, you might want to skip this destination for this fact alone). And although the idea of sledding down the dunes sounds like fun, it is impossible with the saucer like sleds we took. Instead, take one of those lightweight foamy things. Folks seemed to have better luck sledding with the lighter weight variety of sleds.
The older the boys get, the easier weekend trips get. They did great on the 4 hr drive down to Alamosa. At times they both really seemed to appreciate the greatness of these dunes. At least Thing Two tried hard. He and Hubby climbed up almost to the top. Thing One and I wimped out about half way up.
But now, here it is Monday evening (feels like Sunday, doesn't it?) and I'm wondering where did the long weekend fly to? Mountains of sandy laundry await me as I face the reality of school and work starting back up tomorrow. Yet again, I'm proving that there really is no making me happy is there? I take that back: spending time with the guys in my life made me pretty darn happy. There is always tomorrow to tend to the chores of the day!


tz said...

love the thing shirts....cute, and i do beleive we will have to copy your weekend getaway sometime next summer! it looks lovely!

Colleen Dobson said...

Hey! I'm supposed to be the whiner blogger!

I remember the sand dunes from when I was a kid, I thought it was amazing! Like I was at the Sahara or something.