Friday, May 18, 2007

Get a life

That's my new mantra. I've always been quick to fling this comment at others. But this time, it is me that needs to take my own advice. Find real things to fret and obsess about. Not worry about whether Sarah on CSI will be alive when they finally find her or applaud Dr. Burke for his wedding day actions. While wondering where did he go and are he and George going off together? (wouldn't that be quite the Desperate Housewife-style twist...send both of them into the closet together?)

Oh well, at least with all these Season finales airing, maybe I"ll be able to find some motivation to get some reading done. Or chores. Or scrapbooking

Pretty much anything other than obsessing and fretting about the little things in life that really are rather little..



tz said...

oh i just figured they would make george a stay at home dad next episode....but i like your twist so much better.

oh, ok, does this mean i need to get a life too?

Colleen Dobson said...

Who's George and no wonder your a neilson family!! Your just doing your job.