Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ask a stupid question..

Expect either an honest or stupid answer.

We'd just finished dancing to some tune on the radio (don't ask, remember, I"m challenged when it comes to knowing who sings what, but it had a fun beat to it).

I asked Thing Two: Who are you going to take to the prom?
"Well, Not you Mom!"

Ok, I deserved that one.

Thing One chimes in "But I'll take you Mom!"

Yes, son, sadly that is my worry.

I ended up getting a fair amount done. The teacher appreciation cards are made and I even went ahead and made a little 5x7 brag book for the first grade teacher. The room mom is making some other crafty item from the class and I thought it would make a nice compliment to that project. Funny how a random conversation here and there can start to change one's opinion about the person educating your child. Recently, I've found myself realizing that just maybe she knows my child better than I gave her credit for. Yikes...don't go letting that one get around, ok? I mean come on, she's got that reputation. I don't want to be the one that ruins those rumors!


tz said...

oooh, i'll go shopping for a prom dress with you!

Colleen Dobson said...

hahahahahaha - hahahaha - I'll do it again. hahahaha

I guess you'd better make Floatie a brag book too then! The simple act of appreciating someone makes you appreciate them. . . you are on to something. (Have you been reading the secret secretly?) And I really really hope your right about the teacher. I do find it hard to understand how much C likes her, and this new theory would help explain it.