Thursday, July 20, 2006

The World's Fastest Indian

Hubby is one of the pickier people I know when it comes to movies that he's interested in seeing. I can't remember the last time we went to see a movie together as a couple. Oh sure, he'll take the Things to see their movies (he loved Cars almost more than the Things). But, when it comes to adult flicks, he's got a pretty narrow focus of what interests him and which movies he wants to spend his money on seeing.

Thankfully, he's not so picky when it comes to video rentals. I guess he figures if he doesn't like the video, he can either turn it off or leave the room.

But this particular movie he actually asked me to rent. Oh sure, he'll tolerate watching what I pick out but rarely does he put in any requests. But, since the onset of his midlife crisis v2.0, he's been very into anything motorcycle related.

So last night, we watched this movie. To show you how dull I can be, when I first heard the title I thought, Anthony Hopkins is going to play an Indian? Couldn't they find some REAL Indian to play the role. DUH: Indian is referring to the motorcycle that he rides when he sets his records for speed.

The movie did indeed live up to the hype. As a smaller scale, independent movie, it didn't have all the glitz and glamour that bigger budget films seem to have. It just told a nice story about a quirky old man with a dream. Along the way, he meets some colorful but encouraging folks.

So, if you too have a picky spouse, try renting this movie. It has enough of a story to appeal to us chicks and there are gadgets, gizmos and gasoline to appeal to the guy in your life.

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agent713 said...

I really enjoyed this movie too. Very well done.