Friday, July 28, 2006


And released, excused or whatever you want to call it! Yahoo! I'm not sure what I put on my questionnaire that they didn't like, but thankfully the service of Juror #43 is not required to report next week.

I wasn't all that thrilled to go in the first place. There never is a convenient time to sit on a jury. I freely admit that I'm opinionated and quick to make a judgment call. Not sure I can be fair and open minded. I sort of feel like even if you didn't do exactly what you are accused of, if you made it THIS far up the legal chain, you've got to be guilty of something.

But, I went. I didn't try to get myself out of serving. I filled out the survey honestly. Well, not totally honest. On the question that asked about being fair and impartial, as tempted as I was to say "my motto is it is a privilege to serve, and an honor to convict", I just left that question blank.

Once I finished my survey, the lady in charge tells us that they had called a large pool (over 120 jurors were summoned for this one case) as they are preparing to seat a jury for a "lengthy and sensitive case".

Yep, thanks for the belated birthday gift Arapahoe County! Nothing about lengthy or sensitive sounded the least bit interesting to me! Of course, given my nature, I'm most curious to find out what high profile case is starting on Tuesday. But, I'll be happy to find out via the local sources and NOT from the seat in the jury box!

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