Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sky High

The Things just finished watching the movie Sky High for the second time in 24 hrs. Do you think they like it? Ah gee, I don't know. They are now busy being super heroes, trying to decide who gets which powers and which one of their stuffed animals will be their side kicks.

So, being the silly mom that I like to be sometimes (especially lately during these lazy days of summer) I said "you know boys, I was in the Hero crowd when I was in school".

You'd have to know the story line of this movie, plus me to realize I was telling a tale, a really tall tale when I tried to claim I was cool once. Only in my dreams did I hang with the cool kids in school.

The funny part is that Thing Two got it...sort of...when he said "No you weren't Mom, you went to COWBOY COLLEGE!"

Yep, I fear that graduating from U.Wyo. ranks lower than being a sidekick at Sky High at least in the eyes of a hero-worshiping not quite 7 year old.


tosin said...

Oh no! Not Cowboy College!!!!




agent713 said...

Hey! What's wrong with cowboy college? I'm considering going there myself ;)

Martha said...

Cowboy College was a fine choice for me. Great education at an affordable price and you weren't teased for liking country western music. Ok, if you DIDN"T like CW music you had a hard time fitting in. Now that should seal the deal for ya, Heidi!