Friday, July 07, 2006

A reason to get dressed?

The summer dress code here in the House of Chang is pretty casual. On many mornings, I've not gotten dressed until I've had somewhere to go. Both boys find sitting around in nothing but their underwear to be a great we just let them do that. They feel like they are getting away with something and it doesn't cost me a dime to reward them with that special treat.

Thing Two recently figured out one problem with being in his underwear and nothing else. He was playing with some toy and wanted to put it in his pocket. He announced "Oh, I need pockets, better go find me some clothes" and off he went to get dressed. I had to chuckle as once again he thinks out loud and it just cracks me up when he does.

Thing One, on the other hand, would rather do without pockets than have to get dressed and such was the case on his birthday. He spent most of his day wearing nothing but his white briefs.

That really isn't so unusual as he will often ask "are any girls coming over today?" and if they answer is no, he hollers out "YAHOO, I can stay in my underwear!". (one house rule is that all boys must be clothed properly if ladies, other than Mom are in the house). This of course means that my selection of photos to share with ya'll from his birthday are few: as he looks like he is in his birthday suit in most of the indoor shots. Probably best that I not post those shots for the look rather odd.

He had a great day celebrating his 9th birthday and I"m glad that we went with the simple approach to celebrating. We had a couple friends over, played a few games, ate lunch, cake and presents and called it a day. Much easier on me and I really think he enjoyed it more than the bigger bashes we've had in the past.

The highlight for all the boys had to be playing with water. Between an attempt at water-gun soccer (which worked except the younger kids just couldn't help themselves in kicking the ball instead of letting the water do the work. This naturally angered the older boys) and a water balloon fight where even I found myself getting was all a grand time.

So, now I can kick back and least until next month when we do it all again for Thing Two!

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