Monday, July 03, 2006

It is good to be home...

This past vacation really snuck up on me. And once we were there, the week just flew by very quickly. So fast, that I wasn't really ready to come home. But alas, we had no choice and down the mountain we came.

Going into the trip, I was a bit worried or perhaps just curious to see how the Things would do on this trip. They've been rather spoiled in the travel department: having been to such cool and fun places as Disney (World and Land), LegoLand, Niagara Falls and even NYC. Toss in the trips to see family in MI, WI, FL and the Bay Area of CA and you can see where I wondered would they be impressed that this year we were only driving a couple hours and spending the week in the mountains?

As is often the case, they surprised me with their excitement and enthusiasm for the trip. Granted, a large part of their happiness stemmed from their pals being with us for most of the week. It was like on extended playdate WITH a sleepover that lasted 4 days.

But, they also seemed to be taking their time enjoying the beauty that makes our state so special.

I watched with awe as they excitedly floated an empty water bottle down a little stream, calling a small little trickle of water over rocks a "water fall".

I smiled as they realized that white mound of stuff was actually snow and that they could play in it just like they do in the winter time.

And I was grateful when they allowed me time to pause and smell (ok, photograph!) the flowers. It gave me great hope that we can continue with such vacations where the focus isn't so much as doing things/going places but instead just slowing down and appreciating that simpler things in the goregeous mountains and precious flowers that bloom right in our backyard so to speak.

So, until our next trip, I share these final images with you of our Vacation 2006..with hopes of exploring more of Colorado in the years to come...

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