Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America...

Today marks the start of the Birthday Season here at the House of Chang. First up, we salute America as she celebrates her 230th birthday. Following in a close second place will be Thing One, then Grandpa (but he'll be celebrating in Norway this year) then me and we finish up in about 6 weeks with Thing Two! Toss in the birthdays of a couple good friends and well, there is going to be a whole lot of cake consumed around these parts in the coming weeks!

I remember exactly where I was 9 years ago today. Hubby and I had just moved into our house over on Ireland Street and after a couple days of hard work, we decided to seek refuge from the heat by going to the movie theatre. Yes: right there you have two signs of our stupidity: we bought a house without central air here in Colorado and I was well...not up to my usual productivity so to speak.

My dad was with us (having come out to help us move into our new house). We tried to go see Men In Black but within the first few minutes of the movie starting, I knew it wasn't going to happen. Those contractions were coming pretty regular at about 3 minutes apart.

I still chuckle when I remember our exit out of the theatre. Hubby looking pretty anxious,me in that 40th week of gestational haze: anxious about delivery, tired of being pregnant, and bringing up the rear is my dad. He spots the theatre manager and announces proudly "we're gonna have a baby!" and then he pauses just long enough to say "can we get them some rainchecks so they can come back and see the movie some other day?".

Yeah, and folks wonder where I get my frugal ways from! Ha, I shouldn't be the only one in the family whose tombstone will read "they had a coupon!"

And yes, for the record, we did make it back to see the movie AND I remembered to put the ticket stubs in the scrapbook!

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