Sunday, July 16, 2006

Can you feel the heat?

Yowza...yesterday was hot and today is supposed to be as hot, if not hotter. I know: it is a dry heat. No humidty. Blah Blah Blah. But you know, once you get to 102 degrees it is H*O*T, with or without the dry factor.

And yes, we have central air but again, it can only accomplish so much when the bright sun is beating down on the back of the house.

We tried to go to the pool yesterday but many other neighbors had the same idea and the boys decided after just about an hour that it was "too hot" to swim. We spent the rest of the day down here in the basement. And really, it is a great spot to hang out as we've got just about all the gadgets and toys you'd want down here.

So, once Thing Two and I get back from his end of season picnic, I'm looking forward to a long snooze on the couch. And after the nap, I might even be inspired to craft a bit. I've been a busy card maker these days. I'm just about ready to switch gears and work on some scrapbook stuff.

Here's a little sample of my attempts to combine card making with my love of scrapbooking. I"m mighty proud of myself for finally realizing I can put the two together and come up with a very personalized way to tell someone Thanks...

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