Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well, at least he's honest...

Last night, Thing Two had his fifth t-ball game in three weeks. It's been hot and he's just not that into the whole organized sports concept. Sure he loves some parts of it, but I doubt we're raising the next Cal Ripkin Jr. Despite this, he's a trooper and went without complaining (we've already had THE talk about seeing things through so I'm guessing he knew better than to throw a tantrum and refuse to go).

During his turn at bat, he ran to first base like he had lead in his shoes. While out in the field, I spotted him yawning more than watching the ball.

After the game, I asked him what happened. I even gave him a lead "you were pretty tired out there tonight, weren't you?". His reply was one of those remarks that make you realize just maybe they do pay attention to all the nagging I do.. "No, Mom, I just didn't try my best".

Like his folks, he can call it like he sees it. I reminded him to hang in there as the season is short and we're more than half way through. That put the smile back on his face!

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