Sunday, June 25, 2006

River Run Report

Well, for starters, we can pretty much strike "boatsman" off Thing One's career options profile. Despite the gentle nature of the Colorado River (at least the stretch we were floating on), he was determined NOT to have a good time. Something spooked him at the beginning and he spent the first 10 minutes sort of quivering with fear. He did end up smiling a couple times and even tried his hand at paddling. Well, that is until he got distracted and dropped the paddle, but the guide caught it.

Thing Two on the other hand, reminded us yet again that his teen years will be tough. We can just see the thrill seeker in him trying to break through the desire to please Mommy and Daddy. He was grinning from ear to ear, begging for more rapids (we'd picked the easy family float as a way to see who liked what). At one point, the guide mentioned you could swim in the river. Next thing we knew: Thing Two had JUMPED OFF THE boat and into the river and was pretty surprised to see how cold it was. Fear not, we did get him back into the raft and this only added to his confidence and thrill seeking attitude.

We took a few pictures with a good old fashioned disposable water proof camera. Most of them will be with Thing One scowling and Thing Two grinning. A pretty expensive way to see Colorado but one that neither boy will soon forget!

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