Saturday, June 24, 2006

Our room with a view...

I took this photo yesterday evening, standing on the patio of our condo. Ok, so that is indeed I-70 running through but hey, we're still enjoying the view!

This exchange is by far the best one we're traded for. There is marble in the bath and kitchen, a jacuzzi tub in each of the two bathrooms. Nobody should complain about having to watch some show they don't want to: we've got four tvs throughout the unit. And best of all (at least according to hubby), is the high speed internet access, available in the room! The only thing missing is central air...and really, with the windows open and once the sun shifted, you don't really need it.

We've spent the first day just hanging out. We did make it to the local park and we all made it one loop around the lake. Spent a bit of time poolside and we even each got a chance to catch a nap. Tomorrow is the BIG adventure...a raft trip down the river. Shhh...Don't tell Thing Two but we picked the easy "family friendly" one rather than anything with serious rapids. We know him well enough to realize anything more than a gentle float will be too frightening for him...even if claims to be the bravest boy in the boat! Pictures for that will have to wait: I don't dare take my digital camera with me...but we did pick up a couple disposable water proof cameras and the Things have PROMISED to take real pictures...not photos of chairs, chips or cheeks (at least they were covered with underwear but still...Note to self..don't let them use the digital camera anytime soon).

So until I feel so inclined to blog while on vacation...enjoy these photos of Colorful Colorado!~

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