Thursday, June 22, 2006

Movie Madness

Both Hubby and I enjoy watching an assortment of mindless tv shows. So much so, that during the regular tv season, we rarely find time or have a desire to rent movies. But, once all our favorite shows go into rerun mode, we switch gears and start to catch up on movies we missed throughout the year. Since we rarely catch movies when they are playing in the theatres, there is always a long list of movies we're curious to watch.

For the summer, I signed up for Hollywood Video's version of Netflix. You pay a monthly rate of $10 (well, that's the introductory rate, after the first month it goes to $14.95/month) and you can pick three movies at a time (as long as it isn't a first run movie), as often as you want. It works out perfectly: each Thing gets to pick a movie and I select one for Hubby and I.

Thing One usually picks something related to his passion du jour. He's been in Pokemon mode for the past several months now so he checks out whatever Pokemon movie he can find. It doesn't not seem to matter that we may already have that movie at home: he really likes picking out his own movie.

Thing Two is all about the Simpsons and so his choices are usually something Simpson related. Oh joy sighs mom! But again, it is his choice and as long he just WATCHES Bart's antics and doesn't start to imitate Bart, I"m ok with it all.

As for us, I try to find something that Hubby and I will both like. So far this summer I've not done so well in picking out flicks. First I picked up some war movie for hubby (as I was going out with the gal pals that night). His comment was "no wonder THAT movie went straight to video". A real thumbs down.

Next, I picked Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Yeah, I knew the movie was torn to shreds by the critics. But, since I consider myself somewhat talented at "reading" people, I was curious to see the movie that sparked the break up of Brad and Jen and started this whole Brangelina craze. Yikes: bad doesn't even come close to describing this movie. Senseless violence doesn't really bother me (I admit, I am a Kill Bill fan) but this movie had no humor to it, no plot, just chaos with a very weak attempt at telling a lame story.

Ok, Hubby tells me that I'm just about to have my Movie Picking License revoked for the season. I'm treading on thin ice. Luckily, I catch a break with The Wedding Crashers. Granted, not the film for everyone, but since it had topless women in it, Hubby said I had a stay of execution and could resume movie picking duty. It is a different twist on your standard romantic comedy: a bit more raunchy than some people care for, but we enjoyed it.

So this week, I said forget about what he wants to watch, I'm getting a bonafide CHICK Flick and came home with In Her Shoes. Oh my goodness, how did I miss seeing this one in the theatres? It would have made a great "get together with the girls" movie. I laughed, I cried and I was reminded again how happy I feel after I see a really good movie!

Now that I"ve had my fix on a good flick, I'm in search of another feel good movie...what movie have you seen lately that just made you happy you took the time to watch it? Come on...share your favorites please...

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Laura said...

If you haven't already done so, take the boys to Cars. What a great movie! Hands down my favorite Pixar show yet. Greg loved it so much he wanted to buy another ticket and see it again right away that same day at the next showing.