Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Look Martha, MORE flowers...

The vacation is going rather nicely. On Monday our friends joined us for some fun. We've swam, chatted,stamped (shh..don't tell Hubby but yes, I brought up my craft crap and as of today I've made 5 cards!). The boys have played a bit of golf (miniature style), bungee bounced(strapped into a harness you bounce on a trampoline, higher and higher). As a group, we've taken a couple short hikes (but you have to call them walks or else MY things protest loudly). We've checked out several cool parks. And most importantly we've taken the time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Notice, I didn't mention taking pictures. Yes, I've taken "just a few". I won't embarrass myself by admitting HOW many pictures I've taken. But the remarks from the boys might give you a little hint as to how bad I've been...

  • Thing One asked me "how much coins do I get for smiling THIS time?
  • Thing Two shakes his head and says "MORE? GEEZ"
  • And Mr. T (my friends son)...well, he's my pal for life...he proudly announced on our hike, uh walk, back into Vail Village..."Look Ms. Martha, MORE Flowers" and stopped walking while I took pictures. He's a keeper I tell ya!

So, that I feel a little less guilty for all the time I've spent taking pictures, I will share just a couple with you. Or would you prefer to see all 3,459 of them? (just hasn't been THAT bad)

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Diana Sioux said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. And such a GORGEOUS location! Can't blame a girl for taking a zillion photos in a place like that. Glad you're having a great time.