Friday, June 02, 2006

In a Field all his own...

It has been a frustrating week here in the House of Chang. Although the week started out great, by Tuesday afternoon I realized that an ongoing issue we've had with Thing One's special ed. team was flaring up yet again. And yes, perhaps this time I am making a mountain out of a mole hill. But, if you know (or knew) the details, I"m sure you could agree that given all the second chances we've given them, my frustration is justified. And, hey, even if I am overreacting, you all are my friends and would side with me, right?

In the midst of all my adult worries, Thing One had field Day. Now, for a kid on the autism spectrum, field day is right up there in terms of being possibly your least favorite day of the school year. All the things that make you anxious are coming together to create that perfect storm. You've got the unpredictable nature of the day (you never know which station you'll get to next or what task you'll have to complete at that station), you've got sensory issues (it gets pretty loud as your enthusiastic classmates try really hard to win the class spirit award). Toss in the added social pressure of having to work together as a team and interact with your peers in a social setting and well, it could be a recipe for total disaster. But not this year!

Nope, this year, Thing One did great. Sure, he asked that Moosey be there for moral support (when he gets anxious, he asks for Moosey). And a couple of the events he asked to sit out completely. But all in all, he was totally connected with the group. Having fun and enjoying himself.

And during all of this excitement and success for Thing One, where was that special ed team? You know, the ones that take all the credit for his success and yet do little of the acutal hard work? As usual, off to the side visiting amongst themselves. Never once coming over to cheer on one of their own. * don't think I"m bitter do you? Nah, not me, never as she grins her evil snarky grin!

But, despite my disappointment in the adult behavior (or lack thereof), I was ever so proud of Thing One! He showed me yet again, that no matter what, he's going to do just that field all of his own!

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