Thursday, June 15, 2006

Goodnight Nobody

Each summer, People Magazine puts together a list of books they consider to be "good summer reading". I think for awhile they were calling their list something like "beach reads". The list included light hearted fun stuff. I'm not sure: don't flame me for getting the details wrong. Anyways, I wouldn't be a bit surprised to have learned that this book, Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner, made such a list.

Here's how one reviewer summarized the book (it is early and my thoughts are jumbled, so yes, I"m cutting and pasting this morning!) "In Goodnight Nobody, Jennifer Weiner brings together two compelling tales---an engrossing murder mystery and a poignant story about one woman's quest to save her sanity and sense of self amidst the challenges of motherhood, marriage, and suburbia."

I give this book a double thumbs up rating for fun. Her characters are real. Unlike some chick lit stuff, where you find yourself rolling your eyes thinking "yeah right", this book has a certain element of authenticity to it. If you've lived in the suburbs for any length of time and interacted with other mommies, you've surely met characters like some of the ones she introduces in this book. And everyone needs a best friend like Kate had.

Oh no...the clock tells me I better get off the computer. I'll wrap this up by saying if you want to read something fun, then check this book out. I doubt you'll be too disapointed!

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violet said...

I love Jennifer Weiner! I haven't read that one yet but I think it'll be next on my list.