Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Garden Shots

I'm not that interested in the work associated with gardening. Yes, I will get out there and pull the occasional weed, water the flowers, even toss a little plant food on them. But the passion has just not been there. Yet, as I watch the beauty of my inherited garden blossom, I might just be inclined to change my tune. The previous owner was very into her flowers and I'm catching a bit of the bug as I look outside my kitchen window and routinely catch glimpses of new bursts of color.

Just maybe there is a bit more Martha Stewart in me than I care to admit? A garden can be a very good thing indeed....

1 comment:

Juri said...

Never was a gardener myself either. Until my neighbors moved away and I dont' ahve to compete with their UBER gardener selves. Now I'm FULLY enjoying mine.