Sunday, June 04, 2006

The F word

Thing Two comes up to me this morning and says he needs to ask me a VERY IMPORTANT question. I replied "What is it son?". He pauses and said "Ok, this will take awhile, AND I have to use the F word".

Hmmm... I immediately panic and wonder what is so important he has to make sure he gets it right AND it involves the F word? Now I admit to using some grown up words that perhaps my boys shouldn't hear, but none of my colorful words of choice start with the letter F, HONEST! I'm more of a D word or S word kind of gal. Rarely the F word and NEVER any C words.

Well, he goes on to explain how he's been really good about playing with his brother (I nod in agreement) and yet how he's been a little lonely (ok, lonely is better than saying bored) and could he PLEASE invite over...some FRIENDS!!

I give the huge sigh of relief and agree that yes, I think we can invite over some friends!

And then it all became quite clear: between track off and a long weekend, we'd really overdosed on the whole playmates/company/friends over and earlier in the week, I had gone on a rant to the boys how they needed to get back to playing together and that I absolutely DID not want to hear about them asking for friends over. We were taking a break. Case closed end of discussion. I"d forgotten my little speech but apparently Thing Two had not and wanted to re-open the matter for discussion but was afraid he'd have to use THAT word I told him I didn't want to hear him ask for: friends!

I then gave a silent word of thanks. Realizing that not only had I not exposed my son to some awful F word, but that he had heard what I was saying about the constant flow of traffic through the house, done as I had asked and was now hoping that the ban had been lifted.

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