Monday, June 12, 2006

Deadlines and Challenges

As a SAHM, there aren't too many deadlines in our day to day world. For many of us, myself included, this is a challenge we struggle with routinely. I know when I was working, I was most productive when I had a full schedule and somewhere I had to be after work. I had a reason to stay on task and get everything done in a timely manner. Occasionally, I'll create deadlines for myself. I'm guessing that's why I enjoy having friends over: it gives me a deadline to get the bathrooms cleaned, the kitchen floor mopped and laundry put away (all some of my least favorite tasks). Hubby has caught on to my style of home management. Now when he comes home and see a clean kitchen floor and the smell of pine sol, he says rather snarky "Must be your turn to have playgroup, eh?" He's not really complaining, more like commenting. He, just like me figures, whatever it takes to get the job done is fine by him.

This is the last week of school for the Things. Thing Two graduates from kindergarten tomorrow morning and Thing One finishes up later in the week. That has created a craft deadline for me. And it worked! Wrapped and ready to distribute are cards for the teachers and even a little "brag book" style album for one of the teachers.

As for challenge, they really aren't my thing.I think I am just not that much into competition in general. I tend not to set goals that involve me sticking to a plan in order to accomplish the goal. I've never set a page goal for my scrapbooking nor have I set a reading goal for my reading passion. And, if you've seen me in real life, you would know it has been a long time since I've had any sort of bets involving the scale! I do much better just plugging along. So, it was unusual when I peaked in on ScrapShare over the weekend and spotted a Becky Higgin Sketch Challenge. Oh, I recognize that sketch I thought to myself. That is one of MY favorite ones to use. And, so I finished my last Christmas 2005 layout using this challenge. I've never done the SS challenges, but I think I'm not supposed to post my layout until Wednesday. BUT, I will give you all a preview here on my blog. I added a few extra pictures than what the original sketch used. But, I had just a few more pictures than what the sketch called for and I knew that this would be the END of the 2005 pictures so I made them fit. Ah, how I absolutely love those sketch books! Where would I be without them? Probably still struggling with what to do with those last few pictures.

Uh oh, a quick glance at the clock suggests if I don't sign off, I might miss my one major deadline of the morning: getting the Things to school on time! Gotta Go! Happy Monday to you all...

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