Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brothers who bicker...

Like any set of siblings, the Things are known to occasionally bicker. It is considered a good day when the bickering doesn't escalate into a shout out for help from Mom to mediate the dispute.

Here's a recap of yesterday morning's dispute...
  • Thing Two: YOU took the last pair
  • Thing One: SO I got there first
  • Thing Two: BUT those are the ones I wanted
  • Thing One: You can wear these, I'm finished with them
  • Thing Two: But they are stinky. YOu wore them yesterday! Oh well, at least they are comfie.

And thus the matter was settled without calling for Mom. In this case, I wish they had called out for my help. Because they were arguing over who got to wear the last pair of CLEAN Haines comfie waitband underwear! So comfie that Thing Two would rather wear a dirty pair than risk something not so comfie.

I guess there is truth in advertising...they are more comfortable than regular pairs and more importantly, I best go buy some more pairs as three pairs for two boys just isn't go to work out: even if they found a solution to their problem!

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Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud at this one... thanks!!!!!! Dodi