Saturday, June 03, 2006

Back "blogged" Book Reports

It's been awhile since I"ve shared what I've been reading. In the past couple of weeks, I've read an assortment of books. I guess none of them moved me to the point of blogging about each book separately, so instead, I'll share my collective remarks.

Whenever I"m in the need for a "quick" fix, I know I can't go too wrong with the works of James Patterson. I am a huge fan of the various TV shows that feature crime and punishment, whether that be the CSI variety or the Law and Order/Medium/Criminal Minds type. James Patterson's books satisfy this interest in the literary format. Recently, I've enjoyed The Honeymoon. I thought Mary Mary was ok. And just this week, I finished The 5th Horseman. I could share all my petty problems I had with the last two but mostly I can summarize it with: you get what you pay for. This man is a very prolific writer. Some he writes on his own, some he attaches his name to other lesser known authors. But, this man is a book-writing machine and many (if not most) of his stories reflect this assembly line approach to cranking out bestsellers. But, like I said, he gives me a quick fix. I don't have to think too hard when I read his stuff and I know that it will be mildly entertaining (that always seems so wrong to admit that you find deranged killers and victims to be entertaining but hey, that is the way it is for me).

The other book I read recently was The Alibi by Joseph Kanon. Set in post-war Venice, it too deals with the subject of murder and the subsequent investigation. But instead of the "who dunnit" he looks at was it right and what price does it exact. He spends a great part of the book examining the moral compass that drives us all. I found it interesting although at times a bit sluggish.

I much preferred a book I read a couple summers ago also by Joseph Kanon. That one was called The Good German and was also set in the post-WW II era, but instead of Venice, he wrote about Berlin. I heard The Good German is going to be made into a movie...and I highly recommend folks read the book BEFORE seeing the movie when it comes out later this Fall. The lead will be George Clooney. Although George is very easy on the eyes (wink wink) he is not quite the man I pictured when I read the book. Regardless, I would suggest you read The Good German first and if you like this man's style of story telling, check out The Alibi. Here's what one critic had to say about The Good German (his review actually gives a nice summary of the book in general)

Kanon spins an ever-more-riveting thriller that is bolstered by vivid period detail, genuine characters, and a thoughtful exploration of the many layers of postwar German guilt. --Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly

But, now it is time that I sign off. I put several books on hold at the
libary and is often the case, they were all ready for pick up the same
week. Murphy's Law of reading: Either you've got nothing you want to
read or way too many choices, you don't know where to start

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