Sunday, May 07, 2006

You're too old Mom!

Yep, that's what Thing Two announced yesterday when we saw a cute little toddler at the store. Thing One asked "why don't we have a baby in our family?" I chuckled and started to point out all the things we can do these days now that both boys are a bit older. I even offered up the reality that if we had to buy diapers we wouldn't have had the extra money for the toy we'd just bought at Target. Thing One was immediately swayed in realizing that yep, life is just fine WITHOUT a cute baby in our family.

Then, Thing Two (who up until this point had been totally silent on the matter) piped up with "well, it doesn't really matter anyways, because Mom, you are TOO OLD to have a baby".

Ok I thought, he does have a point but HOW does he know that? So, I asked...not quite sure what I would get as his response. "What makes you say that?"

His response brought a smile and a sigh of relief to me "well, Mom, you aren't twenty anymore." Whew, dodged that bullet. But wait, he had one more pearl of Thing Wisdom "you have to be 20 to have a baby!".

Silently, I let the subject fade off to talk of transformers and baseball. But, we will definetly be re-visiting this matter of age at some point in the future. Because, this Momma doesn't not want to become a grandma in about 11-14 years. I can easily wait 21 years, thank you very much!

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