Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Morning stall..

So, my new job is just around the corner. Well, actually, I have to go up the street two blocks and then it is around the corner. I can't complain about rush hour traffic or getting stuck in traffic. But I am finding that already, just two weeks into the job, I"m doing the morning stall.
  • Hmmm....let me just check my email real quick
  • Oh wait, looks like there is a message from Sis. Better answer that real quick before I forget
  • Oh gee, I need to get this deposit ready for the bank so I can drop it off after work without having to come home in between work and my appointment
  • Oh, man, if I don't send off this Quicken payment, it won't get there in time.
  • Gotta go Gotta Go Gotta go (the coffee kicks in)
  • Oh my, look how full the laundry basket is getting..
  • Let me just toss in a quick load before
  • Come on boys, time to brush your teeth
  • What do you mean you didn't eat your breakfast yet? What have you been doing for the past hour and a half?
  • Oh man...BOYS! Come on, we're gonna be late. Let's hustle...

Yep, regardless of distance to be traveled, there is always the potential for a rush hour!

1 comment:

Sue said...

LOL...this is so me! I didn't realize you had a new job. Congratulations.

And step away from the keyboard and get to work!