Thursday, May 11, 2006

Furniture shopping: Can this marriage be saved?

Ah, shopping with a husband who doesn't like crowds nor does he like parting with his money has never been an easy task here in the House of Chang. But, trying to make a major purchase...well, I just hope it doesn't do us both in!

Actually, we agree on the usual sticky point of budget. And, we agree on what needs to go where and what we want the final look to feel like. So, we should be all set?

Oh no, not so fast. Sure, we can decide to move in a matter of weeks. We can decide and sell a rarely used vehicle in a matter of days. But, buying a couch for the family room? This might just take forever!

Hubby sits in a very comfie chair at the local coffee shop when he and the other geeks make their daily trek over for an afternoon espresso. He loves THE chair. Says it is the perfect fit. So, I figured the first order of business would be "find THE chair". We hit three furniture stores with little luck. He was like Goldilocks, racing through each place, first looking then shaking his head and giving the signal to move on troops, they don't have it here. One kindly saleswoman was trying her hardest but I just shook my head, knowing better than to try and sell him on anything other than what he had his mind set on finding.

Monday he calls the owner of the coffee shop to say "where did you buy THE chair?". The kind owner not only tells him but offers to retrieve the serial number once the morning rush subsides (can you tell this is a locally owned and operated business NOT one of the more popular and prevalent coffee shop chains?).

So, last night we went to THE store where they sell THE chair. Sadly, this store although known for their competitive pricing, stinks when it comes to hiring intellingent sales staff. We asked for help but about all they did was wander the showroom floor WITH us, in search of THE chair.

In the end, Hubby is realizing that perhaps it isn't just about THE chair. It is more about how he feels when he sits in it. And just maybe there is something else out there that fits the bill of being the perfect fit. So, after 4 stores, he actually starts to sit on furniture and on a couple pieces let out the sigh of "oh yeah, this is what I want to crash on after a day of dealing with change management and Big Blue Pain in the tookus protocol for network changes".

So, today the Things and I head back to the very first furniture store, now in search of THE look and FEEL of something so comfie you just get stuck in and don't want to move out of until the next morning...

That's what we should have been doing in the first place but hey I've figured out after over ten years of marriage to my very lovable hubby, you just have to go with the flow and realize that in the end it will all be ok.

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