Sunday, December 11, 2005

Retro Week

We'll be hosting Retro week in the Chang Kitchen this week. Yep, the microwave technician showed up Friday (actually, pretty promptly: we'd had a arrival time window from 0800-1200 and he had come and gone before I'd gotten back from dropping off the Things at school at 0800, Dom let him in). And, yes the microwave isn't working. But, he doesn't keep the part for the smaller sized microwaves on hand so he'll have to order it. Should be in next week.

So, until then it is retro week in the kitchen!
.............I'll be popping popcorn on the stove just like Grandma did
.............I"ll have to plan out my menu in advance just like my mom did to make sure things have time to thaw
.............I'll be hollering to my family "COME AND GET IT WHILE IT IS HOT" just like housefraus have been doing for generatins. Heck, I might even reinstate the use of the dinner bell!

And if we still find ourselves cranky and spoiled...well come on folks it is only a week... I think we can manage (now, if this were my TiVO there would be NO chance in H*%! I'd last more than a day without sending the hubby out to buy a new unit ASAP!)

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