Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ok, I'm a copycat when it comes to blog entries, but this one looked like fun.

1 Minute ago: Surfing the web, realized I should probably update the blog
1 Hour ago: Relaxing on the massage table next to my good friend Carol (which
by the way was awesome. If she invites you, GO!)
1 Day ago: Hosting a college buddy of Dom's and his two kids (good people)
1 Week ago: Winding down after my weekly volunteer gig at the Things school
1 Month ago: Wondering how I could get out of cooking Turkey Day dinner (thanks
to the H's I once again managed to get out of cooking the big meal)
1 Year ago: Ok, these first 5 were challenging enough, you expect me to remember
LAST year? Sorry...Couldn't tell you.
1 Decade ago: Hosting our wedding reception for our friends in VA...Having gotten
married out in CA the month before with just immediate family
1 Score ago: Ok, first I confirmed a score is 20 years ago, so lets see I would
be on Christmas break from my Jr. Year in college. Wasn't that
the semester the folks graciously agreed to have me and 6 of
classmates spend the night between our two clinical rotations at
the house? Yes, my parents were gracious entertainers (a trait
I'm hoping I inherited)
1 Quarter Century ago: Just finished my sophomore year on the HS swim team and
playing clarinet in the marching band. Enjoyed both greatly
although I did not excel at either.

Hey, my memory isn't so rusty after all!

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