Friday, December 30, 2005

House of Homebodies

It is a well known fact that in order to qualify for membership in the House of Chang you must be a homebody. We go to bed early. We are morning people. We prefer to avoid places that are crowded. And about our favorite thing to do is just hang out at home. With the Things being off for Winter Break, we seem to have taken this habit to the extreme. Thing One is the most content to just stay home. With hubby and myself following close behind. It is Thing Two that seems to have a bit more of a desire to go and do stuff.

So, with this being the last day of their break, I've agreed to take them to Build A bear workshop to spend their gift cards that they got for Christmas. I know,it is mostly a place associated with girls, but my guys love this place. And they've spent all week trying to decide whether they will buy stuff for their bears OR build new ones. I've not told them there is probably enough in the gift card to do BOTH!

And I of course, will take way too many pictures of the process...because you know, I got this fancy new camera and NOTHING on the immediate horizon that will require such a high tech camera. So, until then, I will practive my skills by photographing the events of every day life.

That is until I get the urge to plan another outing..

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