Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Welcome to our family blog

Yes, both hubby and I have caught the blog craze. Okay, geeky housewife that I am, I'm the one who had the first blog here in the House of Chang. But, I'm a bit shy about letting people read what I post on my personal blog. Yet, as hubby pointed out, "then what's the point?" He's right (and yes, it is here in writing, I admit it!). A blog should be shared. So, I've decided to create a family blog. A spot for us to post some of our activities, a few photos and just have a spot to keep in touch with family and friends.

We admit we are probably not going to make any top 10 lists for most exciting families in America. We can't guarantee that it will be updated any more frequently than the web page. But, at least I can take some responsibility for updates on a blog. A web page: nope, I know NOTHING about how to update such a site.

This is the internet after all, so in order to maintain some level of privacy, I'll use a bit of code. You know the boys, right? Well, we'll call the oldest one Thing One and the younger one, Thing Two. You know where we live right? Well, we haven't moved nor do we have any intention of relocating any time soon. So, no need to disclose our exact location. We're still here, in that state that has lots of sunshine. I don't work outside of the home so I shouldn't have to worry about getting fired from my job for venting. Nor do I plan to vent about my loving husband: that's what phone calls and girls night out is for, eh?

So, here we go...we hope you will stop by from time to time and see what we're up to. Feel free to add a comment or just say howdy!

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