Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Right Now-April

Right Now- April recap
I"m Listening to the thoughts racing through my mind.   They are thoughts filled with worry and concern as we wake up, yet again, to the news that there was another school shooting.   This one occurred at a charter school just west of where my own family lives. 

I'm loving that while April was filled with lots of worry with regards to the health of Thing 2, we ended the month on a  note of hope and recovery.   
 While we started with a long list of "need to rule out" health concerns, in the end, he landed with a really serious case of mono that caused his liver to shut down.    Of all the organs to have shut down, liver is one of the more "I got this" organs in terms of healing itself without a lot of interventions.   Monitoring of labs, hydration and rest were the orders for this young Thing.   Luckily he has some supportive friends to cheer him along. 

I'm feeling the need to keep things simple in this month's recap.   Sure, the kid's health was such that he had to cancel summer school plans (he was slated to study in Italy) and drop his course load for this summer.   A bummer for sure.    But in the grand scheme of things, it's going to be ok.    That's the feeling I need to keep first and foremost in my head right now.
Until next time...take care..of yourself and those you love!