Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Right Now-March Recap

I'm listening:   to the building custodian vacuuming.   A not so gentle reminder that it's back to work after a week off for Spring Break.      This year, we opted to stay close to home, with hubby taking off for a few days camping and I opted to stay  home and bond with my kindle. 

 3 books later, I'd say it was a good break!

I'm loving:   that we are into the homestretch of the school year.   It's a bit odd in that I don't have anything special on the horizon like previous years.   No graduations, no epic summer adventures, no weekends in Vegas.   Just quiet.   One small ladies adventure in June and that's about it.    And yet, that's ok.   Sometimes the less structured the plan, the more open we are to new possibilities.

As I look back at the pictures taken (or rather not taken), I realize it was a pretty low key month.  We survived what the weather people termed "a bomb cyclone".   Apparently, it's essentially a winter hurricane and involves rapid drops in barometric pressure.

  I don't really care what they called it, we scored 2 unscheduled days off so I was a happy camper.   We tried to clean through the stash of legos and toys but alas, all that did was end up in a trip down memory lane for the older Thing. 

The month ended on a high note with my ladies group celebrating a birthday at a local restaurant known for it's Drag Queen Brunch with bottomless mimosas.   No further words are needed, a good time was had by all.

I'm feeling relaxed now that younger son has recovered from his own "perfect storm" of an illness.   Stress, dorm life, possible viral illness and a very unexpected medication reaction left us all a bit weary as we waited for him to get back to usual.   Happy to say, he's back to  dorm life and his more cheerful state.

I'm needing to get my act together and get moving.   It seems like I finished my 5k challenge and said "Ok, I think I'll rest" and haven't really gotten up and going since that last chilly stroll along the damn road.   The weather is getting nicer, the evenings are a little lighter, and I've run out of excuses.   Time to get up and get moving...

Until next time...