Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Right Now-February recap

Right now..the February recap

I'm listening:  to the coughing and sneezing of co-workers, with my fingers crossed that this sore throat I woke up with is just a sore throat.   It's been a really rough winter in terms of illness, but so far the House of Chang has escaped pretty much unscathed.

 Of course, if I do end up sick, my hubby would say it's my own d@mn fault...as Sunday I joined my lady friends for the last of our 5k runs...with the starting temperature a mere 1 degree.   But hey, we did it, and we had some good laughs along the way so if I caught a little cold in the process, then so be it...

I'm loving that:   well for starters, I honored the commitment to the 5k challenge.

  Back in November, a couple friends from work suggested it and I thought it would be a good way for me to remember that fitness is a year round endeavor.

 5 runs (or walks in our cases) spread out over about 13 weeks...in the Colorado winter.   We enjoyed good weather for all but this last race, not necessarily great weather but hello, it is Colorado after all.
And when one of us had to miss a race, we found creative fillers...with Mr. B standing in for JW on the Valentine race...with of course a celebratory brunch after the race...

Hubby (not pictured) even joined us at the finish line on one of the races..
 and while waiting, he snapped some good pictures...(nobody said we were fast in these 5ks)

I'm feeling the love.  

 Yeah, I know, pretty cliche of me to associate February with love but seriously, this month offered me a couple gentle and not so gentle reminders of just how loved I am.  

As for work, every day,  sweet Maya serves as our much loved therapy dog at work.    She makes her morning rounds, knowing that I have usually packed an extra orange to share with her.   What a sweet heart she is and I love that we get to enjoy her therapeutic benefits of unconditional love while at work.  

As for home life, Hubby and I started out the month paying our respects to a former neighbor and friend. 

  Joe D. had fought years of chronic illness and pain while successfully running his own business.   Such a testament to what a good guy he was to have a funeral home with standing room only, and several military tributes at Ft. Logan.  

And as I looked around, I recognized so many familiar faces from our neighborhood.  Despite it's flaws at times, I love this place that we call home.  .  

On a more personal level, for Valentine's Day,  Hubby and I got "hitched". 
 Yep, took my car over to U-haul where they added a trailer hitch.  Funny, eh?   We aren't the sappy love bird types, but this seemed to be the perfect gift to each other.   A tow hitch will give us one more option for transporting our toys. 

Speaking of toys, this little gem joined the collection.   She's a Yamaha TW200.   I'm not the gear head so I can't speak to her benefits but as a curious spouse, she seems to be about the right size for me to finally consider learning how to ride later this summer.   For for now, this little gem offers flexibility for going off road and provides a bit more reliability than the URAL sidecars have had of late.    I love that Hubby and I see eye-to-eye on the value that such toys add to our life as a couple. 

In between a funeral and a new toy, I spent an evening in the company of Sir Elton John. 

 A couple years ago, we'd bought tickets to see him in Vegas, when just weeks before the show, he had to cancel his performance for health issues.   He's no young man, and my mind went into panic mode-will I ever get to see this music icon perform live?  

 While I'm not a huge concert fan, there are a few performers out there that I want to see perform.   He is on the top of the list.   And now, with great love in my heart, I can wish him a long and healthy retirement, knowing I've seen him perform on his farewell tour.  

I'm needing to wrap this recap up and get back to work.  Seriously, I think I end each month's post with something along those lines.  

 But I will pause to add that I need this blog to help me remember that while the days may seem long (yesterday at work was one of those days-with a couple students expressing their needs through physical aggression), the years...or in this case, even just the months, seem to fly by. 

  It's good to pause and reflect on what all happened over the course of the month, and give praise that I had the health, prosperity and mental clarity to soak it all in to its' fullest!  

PS:   what about the Things?   Oh they are doing fine- Thing 1 is enjoying his classes at the Tech school and building circuits.   He talks about stuff I have no idea what he's talking about-ok so that's been the case for year now.   Thing 2 is adjusting ok to life in the dorms, discovering that college will challenge him but so far he's rising up to the challenge.   And nope, not a single picture was taken of either one this month.   How can that be.  I swear we had at least one family dinner in there...but maybe not.   Oh well, hopefully next month....or not...part of the parenting process is indeed watching the Little Things grow up and do their own thing...while mom and dad also grow old and start to do their own things again as well...It's all good!