Thursday, January 31, 2019

Right Now-January recap

Right Now

I'm listening to:  an audiobook called The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead.  Published in 2016, it tells the story of slaves Cora and Ceasar who attempt to escape using the historic Underground Railroad system.   Not my usual happily ever after tale, but I like to stretch my reading limits every so often and so I'm giving it my best effort.

I'm loving that  January gave us an opportunity to reconnect with family.

Hubby and I started out the month still in AZ.   Hubby helped my dad with a long over due Honey-Do of replacing a light fixture. 
and we enjoyed one last family dinner with my cousin and family friends...
We packed up the RV
and hubby dropped me off at the airport...where I was able to check out 
the fabulous artwork of one of my dad's friends..on display in Terminal 4

But for sure, the highlight of this month was spending time with our friends, The Lish Gang
We've known them since...

Well...21 years and counting..
Long enough to consider them family...
This time we gathered 
For a wedding...

This couple has certainly earned their right to a happily ever after
 and it was our pleasure to join in the celebration fun at The Brown Palace Hotel!

The fairy-godmother aunties swooped in to love on our Lish Girls...

And even the serious one in our relationship, found himself beaming from ear to ear-
Happy to see his friend so happy..

Catching up with Big V is always a treat and time with her is something we truly treasure!

I'm feeling energized.   I've found my way back to WW after a 6 week hiatus of sorts.  Last week, I checked in at my pre-Holiday weight.   Still have a ways to go, but it feels great to be back on track!

 I even made it to the gym once this week, after several weeks of telling myself I needed to just do it. 

  Thing 2 has moved into a dorm, so Thing 1 and I spent this past weekend organizing/cleaning/purging stuff to move him down into what he has now renamed "his PAT-partment".    I'd take a picture of all the trash we hauled out, but hey, I don't want to admit to the mini-hoarder thing we had going on in our basement.  

Ok, I might also be feeling a bit old...Yes folks, this is all legal...the "baby" that those girls used to babysit?   Was now old enough to crash the reception and join his former nannies for a legal smoke at the Cigar Bar at the Brown Palace Hotel.   Where have the years gone?!!!

I'm needing to keep the momentum.   It feels good to be getting things done.   Making lists and checking things off.   
And this...I need to remind myself to Choose Joy...
Until next time...

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