Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Right now-September

I'm listening to:   the last bit of an audio book called Sing, Unburied Sing.   I tried to read it when it first came out and just couldn't get into the cadence of the author's writing style.  However, the book keeps popping up on various lists of highly recommended reads so I thought I'd give it a 2nd try. 

 Sure enough, in audio book format, I can listen to the words and follow the story.  It's still a challenging read, as the author incorporates some supernatural features such as seeing ghosts and hearing voices which is something I'm not used to in the books I typically read.   But, it's always good to push myself to reading genres of books that are outside of my usual comfort zone. 

In a broader sense, I'm listening to the thoughts in my head that say "even if it was a quiet month, update your blog" so here I am...updating the blog because the voices in my head are telling me to do that.   On the surface, I think we didn't do anything big, but as I reflect on this past month, I realize we did a few little things that are worth remembering...so here it is...the September 2018 summary. 

I'm loving that...we are all settling into the school year groove.   It took  longer than I expected for all of us to find our way.   For me, I think I had just way too much fun this summer.   Much as I enjoy my job, it's still a job and at this stage in my life, with thoughts of retirement dancing in my head, I'm finding it hard to adjust to the routine of Monday-through-Friday.   But, I think I'm there;   I'm back to waking up before my alarm (the best way to start my day), I'm back to reading a bit in the evening and hope to find myself doing more reading and less mindless surfing as a way to unwind from work. 

Thing 2 took off to the Windy City for a music festival with friends.  I'm happy to report that he came home in one piece, and had a great time.  While I don't have any pictures to share, he tells stories of hearing some great bands, enjoying some classic Chicago treats and even shared a store of some homeless dudes duking it out.   Lovely, just what mama didn't want to hear...

Both Things are doing well with their respective college pursuits.   I'm not gonna lie:  paying two tuition bills was a bit of a sticker shock, but I am loving that through planning and saving, it really was just a matter of requesting funds from an established college savings account. 

Hubby is also settling into a routine of work.   He had a business meeting in FL that we expected would include news of change, but alas, it all remains status quo.  So, status quo we shall be...taking the RV out for remote work assignments as often as possible seems to be a huge sanity saver for all. 

 This month I joined him on two of his  adventures...one to the plains of Colorado...to a little spot outside of Hugo...

While there, we took a day trip down to Bent's Old Fort...a trading post along the Santa Fe trail that the National Park service has re-built and offers a great glimpse of life along the trails in the mid 1880s..back when that part of CO was actual the border to Mexico.

We enjoyed some fabulous street tacos...courtesy of Lucy...
And then a 2nd quick over-night trip Summit county...outside of Frisco...
 As we approach the 2nd anniversary of owning Uma our RV, I realize just how much I love having this RV as part of our arsenal of fun for exploring the local area. 

I'm feeling refreshed

 This past weekend, I met with my ladies group for some fresh air in the mountains.   The weather was perfect, and while the colors were slightly past their prime, they still offered enough of a pop of color to please us.

 I'm so grateful to not only live somewhere that offers as much natural beauty as Colorado, but that I have such a great solid supportive group of friends to hang out with. 

I'm needing to stay the course.    I continue to have good success with WW...because it works...when I account for my food and activity, I see results.  I've set some goals for the 4th quarter and hopefully will be able to report by year's end that I'm closer to my target goal. 

Until next time...I'll be here...perfecting my "When I win the lottery" look...

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