Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summer of Fun Week 4

Well, let's get this party started...but first a look back on the past week.


I saw the first part of this week as a chance to catch up on critical tasks that needed to be done before leaving town for a month.

  Mind you, "critical" is a term that means something different to each individual.   For me, that translated to dinner and or coffee with my friends, catching  a movie (Ocean's 8:   A fun movie to at least catch when it comes out on video)and a "therapy appointment".   Ok, for me, that means "chair" or hair therapy...getting the hair cut and colored because well, this gray old lady prefers to be blond as long as there is $ to make it so.

Helping Ms. TZ embrace a new decade...
SB ensures the coffee board stays current

The anticipation and excitement of both Things as we prepared for our travels.

For Thing 2, he will be staying close to home.  Can you imagine being "home alone" at age 18, with the parents and brother gone for 2 weeks?  Yeah, so  can we, so we've got a plan for some spot checks by neighbors and some video cameras discreetly placed in the garage.

  For Thing 1, he has decided to join hubby and I on the first leg of our adventure, which I have called "Changs Great Escape" or CGE.   And well, 2 days in, he really does seem to be enjoying the ride.
Father-son moments coupled with a  a siesta as we cruised along the highway

We did manage to leave home as planned on Wednesday.

With the first reserved stop not until Friday, we are taking our time get there.   The first night (Wednesday) found us at the Vedauwoo Campground in the Pole Mountain region of Medicine Bow National Forest.

 We stayed at what is called "dry camping" spot, for a small fee of $10/night, you get a paved pull out spot that easily fits the RV, with a picnic table and fire pit should you want to build a camp fire.

 I enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane, as I recalled spending weekends up amongst the rocks rappelling wth my ROTC unit.   Some 32 years later, the details are for sure foggy as is the thought that "how the heck did I get up there, much less have the courage to come down harnessed to a rope?".   Oh the things we could do when our bodies and minds weren't so fixed and rigid.

Thursday was mostly a driving day, passing through the rugged landscape that is south central Wyoming.   We made a long pit stop and toured the Wyoming Frontier Prison in Rawlins, Wyoming.   Not to be confused with the Territorial Prison outside of Laramie, which is where prisoners were held while the Rawlins facility was being built.

Honestly...I was grimacing not grinning..

Housing inmates from 1901 to 1980s, the facility now offers a small museum and a very nicely presented tour of the grounds.   Seeing the conditions of the cell blocks, is surely enough to motivate me to remain a law abiding citizen.

We would reach Lander late in the afternoon and after harsh words spoken to Waze (she tried to take us down a bike path) we found the City Park.   For free, we are camping along the Popo Aggie river.   

Thank you kind citizens of Lander, Wyoming!

Until next time...

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SonjaM said...

Always nice to get things from a different perspective, Martha. Sometimes I wonder what my hubby's road report would look like if he'd actually chose to write one...