Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer of Fun Week 3

Sad...but oh so accurate...
Saw:  This week I saw myself falling into that pattern of thinking "let's put that off until tomorrow" that occurs when the calendar is wide open up enough to facilitate complete procrastination.  But alas, a few events were scheduled so let's take a look at what did occur this past week.

Last Friday, Dom and I joined our friends the Ws to watch their youngest daughter receive her Master's degree from DU.  If the venue looks familiar it is because it's held on the same campus where the Things had their graduation. 

And I tried my hand at taking pictures...J style.   For years, Hubby has teased his college buddy about the type of pictures he shares on-line.  J is all about the candid shot...even if blurry or off center, why not, that's sometimes how life unfolds, right?
And look, I almost captured the elusive concept of Hubby smiling....
Ah, who am I kidding...this is more my way of taking a picture: while the lighting is not ideal, but it tells the story of proud  mama K, the graduate and her two older sisters who had flown out from WA to celebrate her sister's accomplishments.  

Thank you Ws for letting us join you in your family celebrations!

 The talented young kids in the cast of the traveling Broadway production of School of Rock.  Alas, no photos are allowed but this past Sunday, I joined a couple friends for this show.  What a sweet story with an incredibly talented group of young artists.
I love how my friends are always up for a new adventure...
DID:  speaking of which, this week we did something new, and maybe slightly out of our comfort zone...with a visit to the local gun club for "ladies night".  

It has easily been 25 years since I've been to the range, and while not completely like riding a bike, the skill set came back after a few rounds.  Something different for sure, and yes, something we will likely try again.

In addition to this, I spent the week with the usual summer pursuits..had dinner with a couple friends, read a book (or two) and while hard to imagine, I did actually spend a little time on some decluttering tasks in my craft room.  It's proving to be a bigger challenge than maybe I'm up for, but as I shared with a friend, I'm starting to feel like a "hoarder in training" so it's time I let go of the stuff that I know I have no desire to use, even if there was a time when I used the stuff and found joy in the crafting process. 

Final note, as a practice run, I'm completing this entry using just my IPad.  Next week we head out for several weeks on the road.  There is no need to bring a laptop, which means I need to practice how to use Blogger on the I-pad.  Formatting isn't as easy so patience and forgiveness is greatly appreciated.

Until next time...

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LB said...

Nice post and very well formatted. Remember it's not the binding that makes for a good book, it's the story. As long as you've got a means for recording your stories, it's all good.

About decluttering and letting go, a friend recently told me: if I'm holding on to the past with a closed fist I don't have an open hand to receive those things that delight me now. It's ok to recognize that our interests and hobbies change with each season of life. Always be thankful for what was but find joy in what is.