Friday, June 08, 2018

Summer of Fun: Week 2

*Disclaimer:   Not a teacher, but as a school nurse "close enough"

SAW:  This week, I continued to see the gifts that come from living in the same community for 20+ years.   We continued to celebrate the graduates with one last party at the Brown House. 
 4/5 graduated this year, AG graduated with Thing 1
 While all the parties were lovely, and I admit I'm likely a  bit biased (HELLO, Qdoba bar and giant cookie instead of cake?), this was a favorite party. 
The boys met back in early elementary school and have built a slow and steady friendship where these days, it's pretty safe to say they are forever friends. 

 And along the way, both families have become close friends.   Trust me, it's made parenting these two little devils a little less stressful being able to compare curfews and stories when something seems amiss.  

Gathering with more of the "coven"
 I love how the older they get, they still stay in touch (AG and SC graduated 2 years ago)

HEARD:   I heard all the latest news at coffee club.   Many years ago, a couple of us moms met for coffee at a local coffee shop on Wednesdays after dropping the kids off at school.   Pretty much all of us have now returned to the work force but we still try to get together whenever our schedules lighten up.   The big news of the week was admiring SG's new hair cut.  

 She's just radiating happiness...maybe the hair cut but maybe because she too works a school schedule and is enjoying some much deserved time off.

DID:   A tad bit of crafting.   This winter I upgraded my cricut to one that allows me to take advantage of more  of the features being offered.   With a slightly steep learning curve involved, I hadn't really dedicated much time to mastering it.   So this week, I set the goal of making a few of the projects I'd "saved for summer vacation". 
Disclaimer:  Yes, several sheets of vinyl were sacrificed to make this project happen
And I must say, they turned out pretty cool.    What did we do before You-tube tutorials?!  
Ok, maybe not $92...but the ROI isn't quite there yet...

Until next week...

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