Friday, June 01, 2018

Summer of Fun: Week 1

Ok, so I'm not a teacher, but as a school nurse, I can totally relate to this type  of statement.   This past year, my assignment provided me with a decent workload but I still found myself going straight into blob mode the minute I left the office and headed home.

I've come to appreciate summer will always be the time I reset and this summer will prove no exception.  

With many fun adventures on the immediate horizon, I'm going to try and do a weekly blog entry, if just to help me remember and organize these memories.

Each week I shall reflect on the week using these three prompts.   Lets see if I can keep this up all summer long

Saw:   Well,  that's an easy one.  

 This past week we all gathered as a family (small as it may be) to help this young Thing celebrate his graduation. 
  I won't lie:  While,  I'm very relieved to have both boys finished with high school and on the road to new adventures, it's been a little hard letting go of the known and setting off into the unknown territory of parenting young adult men.   I get a little teary thinking this is the end of an era, but as friends and even a favorite TV character  (Mike from the Middle, calming down his tearful wife, Frankie)..pointed out "That's the way it's supposed to be".    

We are so fortunate that we reached this milestone with both of our boys, rather unscathed given all the paths they could have taken during their high school years.   

Heard:   Ok, this is likely going to be the tricky one of the three.   
This past week, and continuing into this week, I heard the laughter of good friends as we gathered  to celebrate various graduations.   Over the course of a week, I will have attended 5 graduation parties, celebrating 9 graduates.   For a homebody on WW, this will prove challenging on many levels but I think I'm up for it all.  And come on, that's some serious blessings we've accumulated in the friends-who-are-like-family category!  

Did:   Another easy one.  This past week, my sister was in town for a few days to help celebrate the graduate.  

And yes, she brought the "family heirloom" glasses with her, continuing the tradition of all 3 grandsons wearing the cheesy glasses that their grandpa bought on a whim.

For the record, cheesy glasses went back to MI, to be used for the college graduation of my nephew next May.

 After the graduation, my sister and I took off our mom/auntie hats and went on to play tourist in Boulder

At a small museum in "Old Main", we found not only this awesome Lego creation, but we discovered some interesting historical facts about the University.  Being a hometown tourist is fun!
 Sipping Tea at Celestial Seasonings World HQ.
We giggled at this sewing machine, used in 1969 by the first employees to stitch up the herbal bags of tea.  No, we weren't giggling about it being the 60s, or about the fact that this was Boulder so who knows what assorted herbs could have gone into those early infusions.   Nope, we were laughing as back home in WI, our mama had the identical sewing machine, down to almost an identical storage cabinet and I can guarantee you with 100% she wasn't using her machine to stitch up bags of herbs...but imagine the possibilities if she had?  (insert giggle and smirk...)

 What a fun treat it was to spend time with the one who has known me longer than anyone (except my dad of course).   This was the first (at least in a very long time), and hopefully not the last time, we spent time together without the responsibilities of being mothers or daughters...just two happy sisters having some quality sister-time.  Already I can see some perks to this new era that awaits us.

I also was able to carve out some reading time, some walking time with the neighbor ladies, happy hour with a couple other friends and a doctor's appointment.   All in all a pretty productive start to my summer vacation!  

Until next week....

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