Sunday, May 20, 2018

Right Now: Spring Recap

I'm listening to:  the little voice  of reason rattling around in my head.    Summer break is but 3 work wake ups away, and I really should clean out the memory bank of recent events before the fun of summer starts in.     Much like exercise, I always feel better after I've done it...but starting is the hard part.  Here we go...

I'm loving...that while the school year is almost over, it's been a good school year. 

 For me, the switch in school districts is proving to be a good choice.   Oh sure, there are still moments where I think "Are you kidding me?" but what's different is the respect I am shown on a routine basis coupled with a work load that is totally do-able.  Not many people can brag on those two points on a consistent basis.   Bonus is...I still get my summers off. 

Even with full time work obligations, I was able to join my mommy-crew for a few days of mischief in Vegas (April 20-22) 

OK, we are all 50+ years old, suburban housewives,  so our definition of mischief is pretty tame compared to what usually occurs in Vegas. 

 A little bit of bubbly and brunch with Buddy V

a little bit of Michael 

and a whole lot of laughter.   

 Life is best served in the company of good friends!
From Vegas, we go right into Derby Day...
where the fascinators come out...
and the silliness continues...

I'm feeling nostalgic.    One of the things I enjoy the most about my specialty of school nursing is the seasons of the job.   Each year, there is a beginning, a middle and an end.   Then a pause and we re-start that year.

  I was fortunate to join two friends and colleagues as they were recognized along with 60 other employees on their retirement. 

 Yeah...I didn't count the points at this meal...
While it isn't my time to retire yet, it is my time to be a mom of a graduate.

Yep, this little guy and his stand partner...
 Performed for the final time (at least in the high school setting)

Friendship...much like  the viola...the music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever...

I won't sugar coat the reality that Thing 2 has been d.o.n.e. with his senior year for the better part of the year.   But together, we've made it through with minimal blood shed.   

I will miss the fun that comes with watching your child go through all  the various milestone moments of school. 

 From field days to proms, it was a wonderful ride.  

 But now, I turn my attention and talents to watching both Things (and their forever friends) navigate their adult lives...through college and beyond.

  Bring it on, we are ready!

I'm needing to:   get my rear in gear!   I've got a house guest coming in, and end of year projects to finish up for work.   So until next time...

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