Sunday, September 03, 2017

Right Now: August 2017

Right Now

I'm listening: to my guilty conscience.    I'd rather go back to reading my latest library read, but I realize  that we are already 3 days into the next month and I've not uploaded August pics to "the cloud", nor have I tackled any of the tasks I'd promise myself I'd work on during this 3 day Labor Day weekend.   So, here we go, a quick wrap up from the Chang Gang...

I'm loving that:   the changes we've all experienced this past month seem to be working out well.

For starters, I've started a new chapter in my work career, heading to a district just north of where I've worked the past 7 years.

Overall first impressions are good and I"m optimistic that I've landed right where I belong.

 Still a nurse, still in a school, just working in a  district with different challenges, and assigned to a  school with way fewer students but with each student having more significant needs.

 Thing 2 is starting the final chapter to his K12 education...
 Surrounded by friends he's had since elementary school...
and Feeling pretty confident it's gonna be a great year..
He's also changed jobs...but so far, I've missed THE TARGET (hint-hint) in terms of snapping an on-the-job photo of the newest red-shirted cashier..

Thing 1 is also starting off on a new adventure...
As he starts classes at the local community college.  *Camera shy, this photo is courtesy of google images.

And let's not forget hubby.  While he didn't have any  back-to-school adventures, he did get to experience one of those once in a lifetime experiences when he traveled to Nebraska to witness the much anticipated total eclipse
...his pictures were pretty impressive and I have to say,  helped me appreciate that while we had 93% eclipse here, 7% really does make a big difference when it comes to the sun.

I'm needing to:   lace up the shoes and head out for a walk...just so that the next time I agree to do a 5K with my neighbor friends, I won't be so sore the day after. 

  Yep, you read that right, last weekend the ladies and I did a fun 5k called the Color Run.   

No running was involved, but we had a blast getting doused with colored powder, walking the streets of Denver and just celebrating our recent victories with getting to a healthier state of being!  

 I'm feeling like:   Time is flying by way too fast.   Especially when I realize we've gone from these little Things...
 To the almost all  grown up edition in just 18 short years...
Yep, Thing 2 had a birthday this month and by all accounts, it was a good one. 
Complete with Cash (and a PINTEREST success!)
And  hanging with friends cool enough to sport stylish party hats...
He and one of his besties are both August they decided to have a joint party..
Oh wait, this is Colorado...maybe I should be more specific...a combined party..
at least we hope that's all that was held with minimal parental supervision
And that's a wrap on August...just a few days late...until next time...

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