Sunday, July 02, 2017

Right Now: June 2017

I'm listening to:    well, more like watching the movie, Me Before You.

I really enjoyed the book and am finding the movie to be a pretty close adaptation of the book, complete with pulling on the old heart strings and causing the tears to form just a bit.    As I watched the movie, I found myself thinking of a colleague, KS.   This past week, her husband passed away suddenly at the age of 41.   Both the movie and this real life event of sudden loss has me listening a little closer, reflecting on the reality that we all get just one life, it is imperative that we don't settle and wait for life to happen.

 I'm loving:   the lazy days of summer!

 No major travel was planned, no big house projects, just  plenty of time for rest and relaxation.   Even the Things seem to be enjoying the summertime season...
Summer is the perfect time to grill,and I've found that the more food I have on hand, the more often we see Thing 2.

As for Thing 1, silly boy was happy as a clam the day we had to move the furniture into the kitchen so the carpets could be cleaned.     He also proved to be very helpful when it came time to moving furniture.   Collecting carts has helped build some upper body strength!
While I doubt he'll ever outgrow his love for nesting, he did spread his wings just a bit this past month, and tackled the driver's permit test.  Passed the test and conquered a fear along the way, I'd have to say that's cause for celebration for sure!  

 Our RV adventures have been so much fun, as I really enjoy heading out during the week, crowds are less and there seems to be the right balance between go and stay.

I'm needing:  to make sure I don't fritter away what is left of summer vacation.   I report to my new job on 31 July and I still have a couple books I want to read, a trip to take (another short one, although we will wander a bit further this time) and some crafting to do.  Yeah, I suppose I should also figure out how to get back in the routine of exercise.   That would be a good goal for this month. 

I'm feeling:   relaxed and ready.   So off I go, to see what today hold's in store!    

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