Sunday, July 30, 2017

Right Now: July 2017

I'm listening to:    an audio book.

And in fact this past month, I've found myself listening to a couple audio books and pod casts.   Be it walking, camping, or playing in my craft room, listening to an audio read helps pass the time.

Speaking of time passing, holy smokes, how'd we get to the end of July so quickly?  It feels like just last week we celebrated the fourth with a neighborhood BBQ

I'm loving:  the balance in my life right now.
We took just one camping trip this month, however it was the longest of all our summer adventures..
 I've spent a few fabulous evenings in the company of friends.
 celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my 50th birthday...
to enjoying the ultimate
 Tupperware Show..hosted by Dixie Longate...
complete with adult drinks in sippy cups..

   I've done a wee bit of crafting and cleaned out said craft room, paving the way for hopefully more crafting in the months to come.  *No pictures, but plenty of planned projects pinned on Pinterest.

 I've joined back with Weight Watchers, and with the companionship of 7 (YES SEVEN) of my neighbor friends, I'm enjoying a fair degree of success in my first month back on program.
I used guilt as a motivator for Thing 1 to agree to a decent hair cut..

*Yeah, I have some mad parenting skills when it comes to guilt tripping..

as I also scored chocolate, new steak knives and a sassy card from my children.   Friends also pitched in with gifts of wine and flowers, while Hubby gifted me with an RV or new car...I can take my pick, both gifts received this past year...

Oh, and yes, we visited a college with Thing 2...
 Tivoli Center...once a brewery dating back to the 1860s..
now serves as the student union for UC-Denver and 2 other schools that share the campus space..
I am needing to:  Accept the reality that change is about to happen for all of us.  

 Tomorrow, I start a new chapter of my career, changing districts but remaining a school nurse.  The new district will be different, both in the demographics of the students I will serve to the culture of the district. 

 Same with the change about to happen for Thing 1.   After taking a gap year, he's slated to start classes in August at the community college.   I'm not quite sure he's as eager to embrace this change, he's a bit too comfortable in his current state of being.  All the more reason for him to start, for as cliche as it is, change does indeed help us all grow.  

As for Thing 2, that boy is more than ready for college and all the opportunities that await.  

Hubby, well, I can't speak for him, I'm guessing he's eager for the weather to change so he can get back to riding and RV exploring.   July has proven too hot and unseasonably humid for pleasure to be had with either of these happy pursuits.  

I'm feeling:   Ready to explore and embrace the changes that the second half of 2017 will bring to our family!  

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