Saturday, November 19, 2016

Right Now: October-November


Photo credit to Hubby
I'm listening to:    the hum of the furnace keeping us warm this mid-November morning.   
After a really long "Indian summer", the weather took it's usual turn (granted, much later than usual) and we saw our first flurries on Thursday.    And while the long warm fall was a welcome treat, especially with the purchase of our new-to-us RV, I think I'm ready for the change in colder long as the furnace keeps running.   :) 

I'm loving:   that blasted RV.   
Yep, another borrowed photo from Hubby
 We spent this past weekend trying our hand at "boondocking" or dry-camping.    For non-RV folks, that's when you glamp (glamorous camping) in an area that lacks water-sewer-electrical hook ups.     We picked some national forest land just outside of Jefferson, Colorado.     Given it was well past the typical Colorado camping season, we were able to locate a perfect spot without much effort.   I must say that the best part (so far) is finding the peace and quiet that comes when you unplug and get away from the chaos of regular living.    With the unexpected election results that occurred earlier in the week,  being able to get away from it all was even more meaningful...if just for a few days.

The boondocking experience went really well, save one little miscalculation on our part.   Since I'm hear typing this entry, you know we didn't freeze to death, but we did run out of water sooner than we'd planned.   But, fear not, Hubby has already problem solved that and we are curiously exploring where to take Uma next...

I'm needing to: get back to walking
For more than 2 years, my dear friend and I have been regular walkers.   When school is not in session, we manage 4+ times a week, and even when in session we usually get together at least a couple times after school or on the weekends.   However, we both started new jobs that have indeed derailed us.    I feel sluggish and weary, so yes, I've made a date to get together with her both today and tomorrow and get this routine re-established!

I'm feeling:  ready
Ready to take on the Holidays (yeah, easy for me to say, as I've scored an invite for Thanksgiving, so no cooking for me this year).    But seriously, I'm ready for a little bit of baking, a little bit of crafting, and but of course, I'm ready for the long weekend that comes first with Thanksgiving and is soon followed by the 2 week winter break.

Speaking of Holidays, after many years of doing a November gratitude challenge, I decided to skip it.  I enjoyed doing it, and found that it kept me grounded and aware of what really matters...but I also decided that sharing my daily gratitude in a public forum really was not what I needed to be doing this year.       

As John F. Kennedy is quoted with saying: When expressing our gratitude,  the highest appreciation is not to utter the words  but to indeed live by them....

Until next time....