Sunday, September 04, 2016

Right Now: August


  • Listening to:   my guilty conscience.      It never fails:   during the summer I find my happy place but once we head back to work (be it registration, work week or actual student contact time), I kiss summer and all its' gifts good bye.   Labor Day is usually when I catch myself and say Hold On!  We've still got great weather to enjoy and I remind myself that I can find that balance between work and home life.   
  • Loving:  that Stewie is seeing a bit more action these days.   Granted, I"ll never ride the scooter as much as my hubby rides his motorcycles,  but with not needing to haul Things with me to school and with school starting a bit later than my previous assignment, I've found myself saying "I"ll take the scooter".   It does put a smile on your face when you've riding, and it's really helped me make some friends at work.   Seems scooters are indeed a conversation starter.
  • Needing to:   get back to processing through the hundreds of pictures I took this past summer.   Which means this blog update will be rather short.   I'd finished up Ireland storytelling and digital scrapbooking and then,  yep, I went back to work.   Now, I'm dusting off the shutterfly account and am back at it.  Thank heavens for hubby's daily blogs while we were on the road, they offer great detail and reminders of what we did-and when. 
  • Feeling:   a sense of gratitude.  Oh sure, August mostly symbolizes "back to school", but it's also when my neighborhood has its' annual big gathering "Party In The Park".   We've been attending since Thing 1 was a baby in my arms and we've watched it go from a pot-luck informal gathering to a big extravaganza and now back to a more informal gathering of neighbors and pot-luck style.    It's such a treat to see the neighborhood grow:   both in the mature landscaping but in the maturity of the children whom my own Things have grown up with.   What a gift we have in being able to call this place home for 19 years and counting!