Thursday, June 30, 2016

Right now: June

Right now

  • Listening to my hubby find music for the video footage I shot during the side car portion of our  travels.   Seems we are in need of mostly blooper type music, as my videographer skills are sorely lacking.   Best stick with my proven talents:  wife, mom, nurse and now long haul traveler.   At least in my world,  28 days of international travel qualifies me for claiming such a crown.   
  • I am thinking, that we have had one grand month of travel.   Weather has been perfect when we needed it to be (side car exploring in Ireland), and wet when expected (Scotland, one does not  visit for the sunbathing opportunities).    While totally unplanned on our end, our travels have occurred during a historical time for the UK.   Last week was the big vote on whether to stay or leave the EU.  
     Prior to  the vote, locals were rather quiet on the topic, as was the media (at least when I tuned into the morning news).   It was such a contrast to our own election season where you are constantly reminded that we have to choose from 2 questionable candidates,   Locals noted that "the heart says go, the head says stay".   But in the end, by what many now say was a bit of a surprise, the heart may have won out for those in limbo and Brexit was victorious.   Now it seems all the talk of the town, and we saw evidence of it here in London.  
    As travelers, we enjoyed the sudden drop in the pound, as overall I have found England to be an expensive place to visit.   On another historical note, I was slightly disappointed to see Westminster Abbey closed today for visitors.
  Until I realized the reason:   Seems it is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Somme.
  100 years ago tomorrow marks the deadliest day in British history with some 20,000 troops killed on 1 July 1916.   The cathedral is hosting an all night vigil and as such, was closed today to prepare for this unprecedented overnight vigil within the Abbey .  Overall,  rather remarkable timing for our travels for sure.
  • Loving that the Things have fared so well while we have been gone.  Thing 1 has been attending 2 summer school job training programs and has had to arrange his own transportation.  He has mastered bus routes and phoned friends when he missed a connection or found it too hot to wait for the next bus.   Thing 2 apparently has gone and gotten his ears pierced.   Not sure how I feel about that, I suppose all part of the growing up- letting go process that we encourage our kids to do.   Now let's just hope that they remember to pick us up tomorrow and don't burn down the house in the last few hours of being home alone.   Not coming home to a frat house type mess would also be a welcome treat, but I will take an intact house and deal with whatever mess awaits.
    We tourists are indeed dragon...
  • Needing to head home.   28 days, 23 castles, 19 churches (or abbeys) and 15 different places of lodging (be it an inn, a hotel or even a manor house).  Time indeed to put a lid on this lovely adventure and return to where my heart really is....home!
    Luckily, our mode of travel gets us there a little faster than this bus

    As always, I encourage you to check out Hubby's blog.   That is where you'll find the good photos.   These that I share are all quick snapshots with my Iphone 6.   
and finally...
  • Feeling blessed...that  this man, not only shares my passion for travel, but tolerates my requests for silly selfie poses.   
Until next time....smooches!

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Andy & Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective of this memorable adventure. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time.