Sunday, November 01, 2015

Gratitude Challenge 1: Home

Now that the pumpkins have been carved and before the Christmas cookies are baked, I like to take time out of November and reflect on gratitude.

Oh sure, each year, I start out strong, and before I know it, I have fallen behind, playing catch up.   Last year, I tried using a template and I found that really helped me stay on task and look beyond the usual gratitudes.   So, again, will challenge myself and a few friends to practice 30 days of gratitude.

If nothing else, at least the blog will get a little more TLC and I can infuse some of the thoughts that have been roaming around in my head these past few months.

*Photo courtesy of Hubby 
Soon after we were married,  Hubby and I were given the opportunity to move out here to Colorado.   At the time, it was not home for either of us, and in fact we knew little about the state other than "there are mountains and we could ski, oh and John Denver wrote some great songs about the state".  

Location between our two families and affordability were other determining factors in our moving out here.    

The natives may never accept us....but 19 years later, we do indeed consider Colorado home.  True,  we never ski and affordability is not the first word that comes to mind when you mention metro area's cost of living.   Rocky Mountain High is now easier to achieve than back when John Denver penned his famous song.    

 I am most grateful we found such a family friendly, beautiful place to raise our family.   It isn't perfect but it is indeed a great place to call HOME.  


tz said...

snicker - rocky mt high - snicker

Dad said...

And as a Cowboy from Wyoming, you had more than ab incaling of what you were getting into. And do you recall dancing on the table at the Elks Lodge (uncle Jack's club) in Boulder? You were probably two or three at the time.